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Galas is a web service for quality conversations that seamlessly unites your podcast listeners, social media followers, and website users

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Audience feedback is the Holy Grail of podcasting. But it can be hard for podcasters to achieve. Social media is crowded and governed by algorithms. Reviews are great but hard to get, and platforms like Apple Podcasts don’t even notify podcasters when they get one. Fortunately, Galas makes the process of getting feedback and communication with your audience as easy as possible. Galas generates a link at the top of your page, so you can easily share it in the next podcast episode’s show notes. It’s easy to use. It helps your audience get in touch with you. What’s not to love?
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You lose listeners every time when you ask them to leave their podcasting app and switch to another app or service

Bob has a podcast
He knows that active community is the key to success
Bob uses all possible instruments to enage his community
Bob feels exhausted to force engagement in each channel separately

You need engagement

...but it's hard for your audience to get engaged

  • Podcasting apps close listeners within their ecosystems and have no intention to share them with competitors
  • Podcast players were made for "playing" , not engaging the audience
  • The social platforms meant to bring people together are pushing them apart
  • Podcast websites rarely predispose to listeners' engagement
  • Only 1% of motivated fans manage to break through emails and direct massages walls.


Create a trusted space for quality conversations to let your listeners, followers, and users meet, stay, and talk.
  • no need to download
  • no forced signup
  • no switching from favorite podcasting apps
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300+ podcasters, networks, and media with Galas

I like Galas because it gives me precious things - now I can gather all my listeners and build relationships with them. And it's so easy. You don't need to be Einstein to use Galas. So I couldn't even imagine that for one week I would get half of all feedback I've received during five years of podcasting.
Alessandro Gilibini
host of Mindfulness in Voce
The one thing I have desired more than anything is an easy way to interact with listeners. Social media only provides broadcast type messages. Discord is great, but getting people to sign up and then interact is always a challenge. With Galas, people can freely post or record reactions which is exactly what I have been wanting.
host of Based on a True Story

Galas is just one link that you need to copy-paste.
It is compatible with all apps,
platforms, and hostings.

The easiest integration ever

Import your RSS and get a unique feedback link
Paste the link into show notes, website, social media
Invite listeners in CTA to follow your link and interact with the show
Get your audience from all over the internet engaged and active

For your audience it's even easier

With Galas your Apple Podcasts and Spotify listeners meet and build enlivened conversations with your Twitter, Facebook and web users.

Try Galas
Quick emoji reactions

Conversations on Galas give your audience reasons to return to you. Even if they've heard all of your episodes

more pageviews
time on-site
more revenue
users return monthly

Those who engage with the conversation view 4.5X more pages. They also spend 3.6X more time on-site, and drive 3.2X more revenue than non-engaged users. Better yet, on average, 25% of these users return monthly.

Get More Return Visits

Happy listeners enjoy conversations on Galas

Unite Communities

I enjoy belonging to a community without leaving my Apple Podcasts


I return to conversation on Galas while waiting for a new episode to be released. Waiting with like-minded people can never be boring.


Galas is the reason why I like my favorite podcasts even more. You always can find there some additional content on the podcast's topic. It's like when you've eaten your tasty birthday cake but then you realize that there's one more piece in the fridge.


Conversation is the reason why passive audience would spend more time on-site

Engaged with comments audience spend 8x more time on-site
Visitors who just observe comments spend 7x times on-site

Fact time:

Active users spend 20 minutes more time on-site than the average visitor — a full twenty minutes.

Conversation is only a start...


More registrations, return visits, and valuable first-hand data.


Complete seamless community that enjoys communication with each other, not only the podcaster.

First-hand insights

Get first-hand feedback and improve your show.

Sustainable revenue

Active community that hold quality conversations is a Holy Grail for brands and sponsors.

Conversations on Galas are protected against spam and trolls

Machine Learning moderation

Proven machine-learning moderation protects against hate speech, discrimination, and prohibited self-promotion

Cope with anonymous comments

Adjust your own moderation. You can delete and ban even anonymous users.

Simplified registration funnels

Listeners can register literally within 2 clicks while continue listening to your show.


High-quality public discussions attract users and create value.

Galas vs social media and review services

Paste your feedback link into your show notes, social media, and website. This will bring your communities from different channels together and let them interact with each other.

Galas for you

Basic plan

30 USD/podcast/month
  • All-platform compatibility
  • Automated refresh of episodes
  • Simple links management
  • Anonymous text and voice comments
  • Simplified registration funnel
  • Audio comment download
  • Emoji reactions
  • Automated ML moderation
  • Manual moderation (ban user, delete comment)

Advanced plan

100 USD/podcast/month
All features from basic plan +
  • Concierge service
  • Several podcasts under one account
  • Access level management
  • Share comments/threads
  • Save comments/threads
  • Polls, quizzes, questionnaires
  • Engagement analytics


Free 6 month access to all features
  • Free access to all features from basic and advanced plans
  • Possibility to prolong free access to basic and advanced features after 6 months (email us and ask how)
  • Free access to all new features that will appear after your signup
* no payment details needed


What is Galas in simple words?

Galas is a web service for podcasters that unites everybody with everybody:

  • podcast listeners
  • social media followers
  • website users
  • newsletter audience
  • clients
  • your service consumers
  • listeners of your different podcasts, etc.

Galas is just one link that opens everywhere where you paste it. So it can bring together your communities from all over the internet. And they do not need to download anything, sign up, or switch from their podcasting apps. By providing them with a safe place for conversations, you can turn your audiences into an active, loyal, and self-growing community.

Why do I need Galas to bring my communities together if I've already got Discord and social media?

Important nuance #1 When you ask listeners to switch from their podcasting app and go to your Twitter or Discord, you risk losing them. Because this is an additional action they need to do. And they didn’t initially plan to do it. To go to your Discord or social media, your listeners have to download that app, sign up or log in, and get used to the functionality (none of these tools was made specifically for podcasters and their listeners). Galas integrates so smoothly that your audience hardly will notice, that it is not an integral part of their podcasting app. To sum up, with Galas your listeners do not do unnecessary steps:

  • they don’t need to download Galas;
  • they do not need to sign up;
  • they click the link and dive into conversations without switching from their podcasting app.

Important nuance #2: Social media and Discord are interested in your listeners. They want to close them within their own ecosystems, so your listeners can become their users. And as these services are competing for unique users, they are not going to share them. With Galas, your audience stays your own audience. We do not do anything with them. Listeners have nothing else to do on Galas except for uniting around your podcast. Galas is not a social media or messenger. It is a space for your communities.

Important nuance #3: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Discord users differ. They are of different gender, behavioural patterns, and expectations. That is why your Facebook and TikTok communities will hardly ever meet and talk. Knowing that fact, you need to engage different audiences in different channels separately (i.e. create additional content, build funnels, become/hire an SMM specialist, etc.). Galas is a service that can unite all audiences. And you do not need to make additional content. Your podcast is enough.

If I have an active community on social media, Discord, or website, do you want me to transfer them to Galas?

No. Or this decision is up to you. First of all, you can use Galas together with your social media, Discord, and website. It’s just a link, and it can be opened even from Discord. If you have a really active community somewhere else than on Galas - good. It means your podcast is quite successful. But you will never know how many other people would like to but still don't join your community because:

  • they do not like social media or Discord;
  • they use other services;
  • they hate downloading new apps, especially if they have to do it only for you;
  • they have no free space on the telephone;
  • they are just not in the mood to do additional actions to join your community when you ask them to.

With Galas, you have a chance to bring more people together and increase your community without bothering your audience.

Why can’t podcasting apps be the place for my community to inhabit?

Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Spotify, and other apps are first of all apps for listening to podcasts. They are aggregators with a podcast player as the main functionality. Some of them (like Spotify) provide exclusive content. But again, they are about podcast playing and listening. That is why it is not so convenient for listeners to leave feedback there. Many of them cannot find this function. On Galas, we made interaction with the podcast, podcaster, and among listeners - the critical functionality. Many podcasters have no idea that they've got feedback on some apps. These apps do not notify podcasters. And those listeners who once wrote a message and didn't get a response would unlikely do it again.

On Galas, podcasters and listeners will get notifications if they get a reply. So everybody will be able to return to the service and continue communication. Many podcast apps and platforms offer only direct communication with podcast creators (direct messages). On Galas, listeners can leave public comments.

The prevailing part of podcast listeners listens to the podcast while doing something else (cooking, walking, being on public transport). So their hands are busy, and they cannot type a message when the podcasters ask them to do it. On Galas, they can leave voice messages, which is more convenient to do on the go.

With Galas, listeners do not need to come back to their app and look for a place where to leave a comment. They even do not need to stop listening to the episode. They just follow the link in the show notes.

Do you want to say that Galas is better than social media?

It’s up to you to decide. But we do not compare Galas to social media as Galas performs another function. Podcasters started using social media because there was no other convenient instrument to gather their communities. But the most popular social media were made not for podcasters. Those few social media that appeared recently and were made for podcasters, push people apart. Listeners do not need another social media specifically for podcasters. Because the average listener listens to podcasts once a week. And he has 3 favourite shows.

Galas is easy to reach right at the moment when the listener feels like he wants to interact with the show or like-minded people (when he listens to the episode and something triggers him to interact). And he can do it from anywhere. If you ask people to subscribe on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, only people with accounts there will subscribe.

With Galas, they do not necessarily need to sign up for Galas. Just follow the link and leave a comment. In many cases, when people follow your Instagram link from the show notes, your Instagram page will be opened in an internal browser. And it will ask your listeners to sign up. We researched and were surprised at how many people do not remember their social media passwords.

One of our podcasters told us that it's hard to engage people to communicate on Discord or Instagram. And with Galas, it's easy because listeners do not even need to switch from their mobile apps: they listen to the episode, open show notes, leave feedback in the popup browser over their mobile app, and return to the app without even pausing the podcast.

On social media, people tend to read news about your podcast and send direct messages. Interaction on Galas works more like Youtube comments. And, of course, you always can have both social media and Galas, and benefit from both.

If listeners don't have to sign up, how do you protect against spam?
  1. When the listener enters Galas and wants to leave an anonymous comment, we automatically give him a nickname. Usually, it is an animal and an adjective, e.g. Pink Puppy. If this Pink Puppy comments on your different episodes, or other podcasts, he remains Pink Puppy. If you want to delete his comments or ban him, you can easily do that.
  2. If the Pink Puppy decides to register on Galas, he should only enter his email (no confirmation needed). And he can choose another name or still stay Pink Puppy. But when somebody replies to his comments, he’ll get an email notification and will be able to return to the conversation
What should I do to start using Galas?
  1. Create an account and add your RSS feed
  2. Paste a feedback link into your show notes, social media, and website.
  3. Record a CTA to tell your listeners that they have an opportunity to leave you text and voice comments by following the Galas link
  4. Enjoy getting feedback and seeing your community grow.
Do you have cases of other podcasters’ success with Galas?

Yes. Currently, 300+ podcasters use Galas. During the first week of using our service, the host of Mindfulness in Voce received half of all feedback he got during his five years of podcasting.

Is Galas suitable for any podcaster/podcast?

Yes, it is. It doesn't matter what size your podcast is and how long you have been doing it.

Can listeners leave me voice messages? Can I download them?

Yes, they can leave voice messages to you, communicate with voice among themselves, and you can reply with a voice to them as well. And yes, you can download these voice comments. Some podcasters insert them into their episodes.

Will Galas work if I have more than one podcast?

Yes. You can have several podcasts under one account.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Contact us at and we will tell you more details about it.

Likes, comments, and interactions are modern currencies.
Luke Vargas
host of What's News Podcast

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